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8-10 oz extra firm tofu rinsed, drained, squeezed and patted dry,  and cut into 1/2″ slices
3 T glueten free low sodium wheat-free tamari
1 tsp ground tumeric
1 T sugar
3 lemongrass stalks thinly sliced
2 serrano chiles finely chopped
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
3 T chopped roasted peanuts
1 bunch fresh basil (stalks removed), chiffonade
Peanut oil for sauteeing and frying

1.   Heat a non stick skillet or wok add oil to coat bottom of pan.   Wait until oil is very hot add tofu, and fry turning until golden brown on all sides. Transfer to a sheet pan.
2.   In a bowl mix together  the soy soy sauce, tumeric and sugar until sugar has dissolved.  Brush both sides of tofu for flavor and put sheet pan in oven at 300 degrees to keep warm.

3.  Stirfry lemongrass, chiles, and garlic until soft  (about 2-3 minutes), add tofu, add peanuts and basil and serve.

Serving suggestion:  Serve with coconut rice and a green vegetable such as bok choy or broccoli.  A nice reisling goes well with this one.  

Equipment needed: Make Your Life Easier with a Rice Cooker
2 cups rice
2 1/2 cups coconut water 
Cook for 20-25 minutes (until done) on the White rice setting
Optional:  stir in toasted shredded coconut
…………….or use brown rice and the brown rice setting 🙂

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Okay So I Started a Blog About Food and Other Related Stuff

I am a big fan of Facebook and love to cook.  So what?  Well, I have had several requests from FB friends for recipes for the meals I make.  Instead of posting them on FB I figured I would start a blog.  Why not?  So here are some of the recipes I have been creating and eating, and I will try my best to put down some measurements etc.  All measurements are estimates so please keep that in mind. 

I would love to hear how you liked it or opinions of how to make it better.  Share your healthy recipes too.  

I will also list some of the stores I shop at since I sometimes do cook with some ingredients you may not be familiar with.  

I have studied food for the past 15 years and am now a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Personal Trainer.   If you are looking to get some healthy ideas you will be able to get them here.  

If you enjoy The Complete Recipe please be sure to share it with your friends.
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