What going back to school really means…to YOU

What going back to school really means to you is an opportunity to create a healthy routine. Take this time to enjoy the structure that the busy schedule offers and take care of yourself. Make the most of your time by creating a schedule. Get out the calendar (old school style or digital pick what works for you) and plan, plan, plan. Here are 5 simple steps to get you started:

1. Choose Nutritious Foods

Decide and schedule when you will create or download your meal plans, clip coupons, shop and prepare meals. By doing this simple step each week it will save time and money as well as stock your home with healthy foods to fuel your body.

2. Prepare Healthy Meals

Avoid eating on the fly and dining out. Schedule time to pre-prep meals. Cook once and eat twice. Put your kitchen tools to work. Dig out the slow cooker and use it. Pre-cook and freeze meals ahead of time. This will help keep meal preparation to a minimum and save you time in the long run.

3. Take Time to CONNECT Your Mind and Body

Allow yourself a few moments of silence at the beginning and end of each day. Take time to focus on your breath, your body and clear your mind. By doing so it will help you to manage stress, sleep better and provide you with a clear vision for each day.

4. Move Your Body

Schedule your physical activity time and type. Will you need to wake up earlier and fit in a workout before work and/or school? Perhaps after work/school will fit your schedule better. Most importantly...be consistent. Treat it like any other important appointment. After all it is an appointment with YOUR BODY....it is for YOUR physical well-being.

5. Become Better

Take time each week to become better. Read an article or take a class. Find something that interests you. Get lost in learning.

By implementing the above simple steps and healthy habits, you will not only be setting a good example for your kids and family but you may feel less stressed and have more energy to boot.

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