Green Smoothie

2013-05-28 09.33.42Some days I just feel like I need a boost.  That is when I turn to my Vitamix and my garden for inspiration. Today’s “Green Smoothie” is very soothing and earthy and is just what the body ordered.

I added a bit of stevia extract to the recipe since I wanted to balance it with a bit of sweet to go along with the earthy tones from the greens and the tartness from the lime and apple.  The avocado gave it the creaminess and will help keep the body satiated longer.

This smoothie may not be for beginners as it is not sweet.  Those looking for more sweetness may want to add a banana to the mix.  As I always do, feel free to experiment.  Get creative.  Try something new!

6 lettuce leaves
6 kale leaves
1 handful of spinach leaves
1/4 cup of cilantro including stems
1 golden apple, cored
1 lime, peel removed
1/3 small avocado
1/2 t maca powder
1/2 t stevia (more if you like it sweeter)
1 cup ice cubes
1/2 cup of filtered water

In a high speed blender add all ingredents and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.