My Own Personal Journey to Optimal Health

When I first embarked on my own personal journey to optimal health it was mainly to improve my body composition.  Little did I know, I would not only discover the many benefits of proper nutrition but I would also become better educated on our food choices and how they impact our environment.  For the first time in my life, I made a heartfelt connection to the sacrifices of where our food comes from.  It has been over a year that I decided to make better choices through my diet and it took almost that long for my body to respond with positive results.

I have always been active and I ate what was considered by my doctors and traditional dietitians a “healthy diet”.  In April of 2011, my total cholesterol was a whopping 230!  My LDL (bad) cholesterol was high at 109 and my HDL (good) was good at 87.  Triglycerides were 171 and considered within “normal” range.

In November of 2011, (after roughly 3 months of adopting a plant-based diet), my numbers only slightly improved.  My total cholesterol decreased to a level of 201.  My LDL was still sitting at 105 and my HDL was good at 80.  My Triglycerides dropped to 78.  At this point I was told that perhaps my cholesterol was hereditary and that I probably couldn’t do anything about it.  I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  I continued to consume a whole foods plant-based diet and exercise regularly.

I am happy to report that one year later I have significantly improved my numbers.  My total cholesterol is 172 with my LDL (bad) cholesterol at 77 and my HDL (good) at 84. My triglycerides dropped again to 54. I achieved significant improvements in my health by eating a plant-based diet and exercising.

Not only did my physical numbers improve but my satisfaction when I eat has significantly improved.  I feel full longer and my desire for unhealthy foods has significantly decreased.  My need for sleep has been reduced from 9 hours to 6-7 hours per night.  Plus, I lost another 3 pounds!

I am excited and looking forward to where my journey will take me. Don’t you think it would be great if you could join me? What are you waiting for? Start on your own personal journey to optimal health today!

Do you want to make healthy lifestyle choices but don’t know where to start?  If you are interested in improving your health I want to help coach you.   Just ask.  Send your questions to