What to do with all the leftover cherries?

I had about a pound of leftover cherries as they were just starting to get slightly soft.  Everyone in this house will only eat them if they are extremely firm and crunch in texture.  So instead of wasting money, I decided to make cherry juice.  I removed the stems from the cherries and threw them into the blender, stems and all.  I added 3 cups of water and the juice of one lemon to prevent oxidation.  Blended well.  I then strained the mix through cheesecloth into a bowl.  I put the juice into a jar that will keep for approximately 3 days in the refrigerator. 

I also made some yummy frozen pops.  I had some of those molds from some party in my cabinet.  I added the juice of two limes to the cherry juice and made them a little sweeter with a bit of Stevia extract.  I am anxiously awaiting them to freeze solid so we can have them for dessert.  

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